Python web scraping simplified for beginners — Automate your workload with Selenium


What is web scraping?


Terminology (Bonus)


Is everything installed properly?

Are you new to Python?

Running an example project

Setup the essential folders:

Create a Selenium script:

Run the script:

How Selenium works

Step 1: Import webdriver

from selenium import webdriver

Step 2: Create a browser instance

driver = webdriver.Chrome("webdrivers/chromedriver")

Step 3: Define your actions

driver = webdriver.Chrome("webdrivers/chromedriver")

Methods that are run on the driver

driver = webdriver.Chrome("webdrivers/chromedriver")

Methods ran on a specific element

elem = driver.find_element_by_css_selector(‘a’)

Exporting Data

Finding the right CSS selectors

Scraping Challenge

The challenge:

Helpful guidelines for the challenge:

Possible answers

Script example #1:

Script example #2:

Script example #3 (Bonus):

python -V

Thanks for reading!

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